Quality of Online Teaching Committee:

Vinayak Rao (Chair) (varao@purdue.edu)

Ce-Ce Furtner

Cheryl Crabill

Doug Crabill

Leonore Findsen

Laura Cayon

Kiseop Lee

Information gathered below borrows heavily from

Important websites and information:

Purdue University's response to COVID-19 provides up-to-date information which covers general information, academic queries, and frequently asked questions.

Website for Purdue's Innovative Learning: Teaching Remotely

Business Functions related to travel

For safety concerns related to COVID-19 please contact ehps@purdue.edu

Protect Purdue Plan Website (Plan) (Pledge)

Compliance Plan: What to do in the presence of violations: Ask, Offer, Leave, Report

Classroom Guidance Regarding Protect Purdue: What is written in Purdue syllabus template

2020-2021 Purdue Academic Calendar 

 Spring 2021 Academic Calendar: Online option announced

DASHBOARD of Protect Purdue (showing daily testing and positivity rate)

Brownbag lunch recordings:

Resources for Instructors:

Purdue’s Innovative Learning webpage. This is being continually updated on instruction and instructional resources for Fall 2020.

Has recordings of earlier forums, email communications, FAQs etc.

To assist instructors building courses for Fall 2020 in ways that are intentional, flexible, inclusive, and safe. IMPACT X Access is probably most useful: an asynchronous, non-facilitated version of the IMPACT X program, designed to guide instructors through the major principles of course design and the implementation and delivery of online course elements within the Brightspace LMS. Some of these principles are summarized in the portfolio here:  Guiding Principles of the IMPACT X+ portfolio

Moving to Brightspace (https://www.purdue.edu/innovativelearning/supporting-instruction/portal/ )

Brightspace resources: https://www.purdue.edu/learning-management/West-Lafayette/index.php

Instructional tools (Taken from the CS website): https://www.cs.purdue.edu/teaching-remotely/index.html)


Log in

Brightspace help page (Purdue)

Brightspace Quick Start

Video: minimal introduction to Brightspace (demonstrating the following functionalities)

See student's view: click "Your Name" (upper right corner) and then "View as Learner".

Add TA/Grader: click "Classlist" (at top) and then "Add Participants".

Announcements and Emails

Add/upload syllabus

Add Course Modules and Contents

Create Assignments

Create and upload videos

Purdue’s Piazza page

Assessment & Evaluation

     Website for basic information

      Connect Gradescope to Brightspace

      How students submit homework
      Video: Linking BrightSpace to Gradescope and creation of homework in Gradescope

Video Creation & Streaming

           Website for basic information

            Video: How to Share and Download Videos from MediaSpace 

MediaSpace at Purdue is a good place to store your videos. The recording done by Kaltura, Boilercast and Webex (faculty account) will by default be uploaded to this location.

Click Guest, and then Log in or My Media to access.

Log in: faculty and staff and students

Website for basic information, quick start, extra information from ITAP

Upgrade TA's Webex account to faculty account (Faculty(student) account can hold meeting up to 1000(8) people.)

Video: recording in Webex, uploading to MediaSpace and publishing/sharing from MediaSpace

You can either request the recording in advance or do an "ad hoc" recording (see the videos below demos.)

Website for basic information (including requesting Boilercast for your class)

To use pre-requested Boilercast recording, turn on the doc-cam and log in to the desktop. (This instruction sheet is available next to the desktop terminal.)

Recording lectures in classroom using Kaltura and Boilercast
Video: classroom setting and Kaltura/Boilercast capture
Video: demo lecture using "ad hoc" Kaltura/Boilercast (without requesting Boilercast in advance)

Make sure you enter your Career Account name before you start or upon saving.
Video: how to choose and change input sources (desktop, doc-cam, web-cam) for Boilercast capture.
Publish or sharing your videos from MediaSpace

Teaching Remotely TA Guidelines (also from Purdue CS)


These guidelines discuss :


Logistics & Course Policies

Assessments and Grading

Teaching & Interaction

Internet Etiquette (Netiquette) & Moderation